60,000-mile recommendations may include:

  • All services in 30,000-mile service PLUS:
  • Replace brake fluid and bleed system as required
  • Inspect & replace timing belt, water pump & drive belt as needed

You won't find a better level of service

anywhere else in Central New York!


We are very proud to be Central New York's most trusted auto repair facility. Our commitment to honesty and top-quality workmanship gives you the peace of mind that you need, at a price you can afford. Here at the shop, we are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Our experienced staff will keep your vehicle running in top condition. 

Towing Service Available

State Authorized Emission Testing Services Available


90,000-mile recommendations may include:

  • same as 30,000-mile service

​Our Mileage Evaluations help avoid costly emergency repairs!!

$90.00 for preliminary evaluation. We will call with an itemized estimate of recommended services & final cost.

​​120,000-mile recommendations may include:

  • same as 60,000-mile service

Annual / 15,000-mile Service:

Inpect front disc brake system.
Clean & inspect rear brake system.
Inspect & adjust parking brake operation.
Inspect exhaust sytem & heat shields.
Lubricate & inspect front suspension, drive line, steering linkage and contact points.
Inspect front drive belts, hoses cables, lights, horns filters, tires and fluid levels.
Road test vehicle and advise on needed repairs.
$135.00 labor + tax; $6.99 brake cleaner + tax​

Going on a trip? Don't let a road emergency spoil your plans!
​Our pre-trip check includes:

Under-car inspection of suspension, steering linkages, exhaust system and drive line.
Check tires for proper air pressure and condition, including spare.
Inspect lights, horn, fluid levels, belts and hoses.
Pull one front and one rear wheel to inspect brakes.
Road test.

Only $45.00 + tax!​

Burghardt's Auto Service, Inc.

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30,000-mile recommendations may include:

  • Cooling system flush
  • Transmission fluid & filter change
  • Replace cabin filter, air filter & fuel filter
  • Add fuel injection cleaner to fuel system
  • Inspect all steering & suspension
  • Alignment
  • Inspect and replace brakes as needed
  • Inspect and replace tires as needed